11 Amazing & Inspiring Artists you Need to know about

Their Talents are not so “Hidden” but you’ve Probably Never Heard of them…

Thank goodness we live in a digital age that has an incredibly long reach, we can look much further to truly “discover.” I did just that, I went looking for artists who took my breath away, whose works resonate with inspiration and push boundaries while also looking amazing. Without much difficulty at all, I found so much worth sharing!

Here’s an insider look at the most inspiring and talented artists around today, some of whom you may not know about.

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Chad Wys

I first discovered this artist at a Tea Room in Portland Oregon. Ever since then I have adored his creations. What is significant about his work is the use of public domain images (old artwork whose copyrights have finally expired.) It is unique art for interesting people who can appreciate the social commentary created by “brutalizing” or enhancing with crude finger-paint designs or geometric shapes.

Laurel Shear

Her work will mesmerize you with moody colors and contorted shapes. This California-based artist embodies intrigue with alluring colorscapes and kaleidoscope designs. We love her use of paint runs and rich colors to create unique dream-like expressions. Conceptually rife with poetic elements her works make the top of our list of must-have-art.

H. Marie

All the way from the rustic Oregon Coast comes a mysterious artist inspired by historical portraits. She transforms them into anthropomorphic creatures that exude character and witt. Primarily working in charcoal, this creative high textured look is wild and conversational. We love the personality of her work and subjects: sea creatures with human bodies.

Rachelle Kearns

A Canadian artist who works in acrylic creating scintillating paintings that capture wistfulness and reflective light. I instantly fell in love with her luminous style and high-end designs. These unusually emotive soft-focus patterns in her work make a beguiling addition to any interior. We love her fascinating series and all the delicious colors!

John Paul Thornton

An exceptional creative speaker, artist, and author! I discovered this inspiring individual through his book “ART AND COURAGE: Stories to Inspire the Artist-Warrior Within.” I was moved to tears by the exhibition project completed by this amazing artist. His installation featured portrait paintings of missing children in America. Some of whom were found as a result!

Erin Hanson

This modern impressionist painter is known for her distinguished highly textured impasto style. We love the busyness in her work and the richly painted layers. You can see from her paintings that she has incredible design knowledge and has developed a lovely balance within each piece. What makes this artist so unique (in my opinion) is the way her artwork can seamlessly fit into any interior of almost any style or color.

Dominik Jasiński

This artist from Poland now based in Portugal brings brooding texture to lavish intense color. We are instantly seduced by his use of pattern, high contrast, and vibrant color pallets. His work has a slight pop culture feel that creates a bold and adventurous style. Both fanciful and outrageous this unique style has multicultural elements which contribute to the eclectic designs.

Sarah Jarrett

A collage artist from the UK with an incredible range of styles, mediums, and series. Easily an artist whose works you can escape into. We love the varying moods, themes, and styles within this multitalented creator. Her artistic dialogs emote surreal and imaginative concepts that speak the right amount of unusual. Such stylish use of design makes this artist truly individual.


Iranian artist creates regal works that embody an empirical attitude. Often featured with romantic dense patterns reminiscent in style to Gustav Klimt. We love the shimmering golden accents and the deep velvet colors. A theme of grandeur can be seen throughout this creator’s designs which are very attractive and compelling.

Conrad P. Clarke

This impressionist landscape artist creates wistful and intrinsic oil paintings! We love the way each painting seems to capture a clear moment and notable feeling while connecting us to a natural untamed state of mind. His excellent use of color builds a cultivated design that seems to grow and grow like nature itself. This work is exceptional and visually soothing making a lasting impact.

Hülya Özdemir

An experimental watercolor artist from Turkey who creates illustration-style portraits, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Her amazing attention to detail is shown elegantly through her use of tight patterns and contrasting solid shapes. Purely imaginative and whimsical in designs, her works feel somewhat hypnotic with a slight hint of folk art.

Did you discover a new artist? Which creator do you think is the most inspiring? Leave us a comment! If you’re a fellow artist or creator, we hope that you’re thoroughly inspired to get back in that studio and dazzle the internet with your own unique style.

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