Behind The Easel

Hey there, I'm Aria! A bon vivant tucked away in a tiny oceanside town where I create wholesome yet refined artwork and children's book illustrations. When I'm not covered (somewhat) stylishly in paint I work on wedding floral arrangements and develop original luxury blends of loose leaf tea. Most days, you'll find me nestled in my cottage -studio, painting away, building wildflower bouquets, tending to my garden, and reading books... However, you're just as likely to see me chasing after my young children, with cheerios in my hair, and possibly mixed matched socks. 😵‍💫 I am fueled mostly by caffeine and under-eye concealer which has allowed to dabble in many creative endeavors. I've discovered a connection in the concept that when we surround ourselves with natural beauty, we behave more beautifully. It's this type of environmental and perspective harmony that guides my work towards meaning. I am passionate about all things that create a beautiful living-experience. I truly love what I do, and you're very warmly invited to peruse through a collection of imaginative art and post which uniquely elevate day to day life with elegance and joy.