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Our 100 pack of easy-fill drawstring tea bags are made from all natural unbleached fibers. Both biodegradable and compostable, these convenient bags are ideal for avid tea drinkers. These wonderful bags are the ultimate way to experience loose leaf tea at its finest.

While there are many clever and cute tea infusers out there, the steel and plastic mills that make them are far less adorable. Metal sieves and strainers build up mold and bacteria over time from the fine tea particles they catch. Avoid tedious washings and gross residue by switching to our tea bags!

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Size Chart

  • 5x7 cm
  • Holds approximately 2 teaspoons of tea

Customer Reviews

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Mary J. Gutierrez

I really like these bags! Simple to use and there's no mess which is always a problem with loose leaf tea. Happy with my purchase.


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